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Our 1st Annual Singo de Mayo fundraiser was a success! Thank you to all our sponsors, donors and attendees. 

Pictures will be available soon!

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Serving families through Aflac Children's Cancer Center,
Children's Healthcare of Atlanta

Our Story

         Our sweet Sebi received a life-altering diagnosis of brain cancer on August 16th, 2022, and it changed our lives forever. We were flooded with support from our family, friends, and neighbors who wanted to help anyway they could. All the support we received gave us strength and hope to move forward, one step at a time. When nothing else made sense, we felt the call to pay forward all the kindness that was given to us. 

        After a very long year of hospital stays, pokes and scans, Sebi has completed treatment. He is now thriving but we are continuing to monitor the tumor site and manage the side effects from chemotherapy and radiation. The impact of cancer does not stop when there is no longer evidence of disease. It continues to impact the family and child throughout life. 


       Our journey has called us to this path of service; to offer financial assistance and emotional support;to build a community to support each other on this lifelong journey; and to draw strength from one another in order to make the impact of this diagnosis a little easier. We believe the best way for families to support their child through their journey is to be present every step of the way because we saw first hand the need to relieve the responsibilities of life that do not pause because of a cancer diagnosis.   

       Our goal is to connect directly with newly diagnosed families, at Children's Healthcare of Atlanta, to build relationships and provide a supportive community. Your generosity to The Sebistrong Foundation will be used to fund hospital care packages, offer financial assistance, deliver Warrior Wagons and provide help with funding essential services (housecleaning, pet sitting, sibling care, transportation to and from hospital, lawn care, etc.) so families can focus more on their sick child. Our Warrior Wagons will be filled with comfort items such as soft blankets, sleeping pad for parents, and a flashlight.


      Thank you for considering The Sebistrong Foundation as a worthy investment in the lives of children and their families. Your support is greatly appreciated and we thank you for supporting our cause! 


Sara Tran, Andy Tran, and Dawn Pham

The SebiStrong Foundation Founders

Check out sEBISTRONG in action

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